5 X 5 Exhibition & Fundraiser

August 3rd at 5:55 p.m.

The Johnson City Public Art Committee is pleased to announce a 5 x 5 Art Exhibition & Fundraiser on August 3 at Tipton Gallery, 126 Spring Street, in Downtown, Johnson City. The exhibition will feature 50+ local artists with over 100 artworks for sale. All 5 x 5 artworks will be sold for $25 and have been generously donated by area artists. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be split between the Johnson City Public Art Committee and the Boys and Girls Club.

Participating artists as of July 10, 2018 include:

Allyn Amore
Dale Atkinson
Joanna Barnett
Sam Barnett
Christine Berg
Bob Blevins
Nash Bowman
Laken Bridges
Meara Bridges
Heather Bruglia
Deborah Bryan
Monique Jutras Carr
Kristin Colson
Fabian Dournaux
Sheri Earnhart
Joan Elliott
Nancy Fischman
Brian Fletcher
Kathy Gibian
Lynn Govette
Randy Greear
Margaret Gregg
Will Griffith
Chasidy Fulcher Hathorn
Jean Holmgren
Nate Hook
Robert King
Jessica Lambert
Trinity Lancaster
Anthony Lewis
Linda Loffmin
Lori Rouse Mann
Vanessa Mayoraz
Pat McCarthy
Sabine Naumann
Shannon Nave
Mary Nees
Greg Nobles
Sarah Nobles
Cecelia Pippin
Cameron Poplarchik
Lynn Price
Anne Reid
Ann Ropp
Andrew S Ross
Alice Salyer
Rupa San
Angie Shepherd
Eric Drummond Smith
Richard A. Stafford
Jim Stagner
Tema Stauffer
TK Cunningham Story
Suzanne Stryk
Stacey Suarez
Kelly Swift
Ginny Tallent
Brooke Velsor
Kristen Wilhoit

Date and time for the 5 x 5 Art Exhibition & Fundraiser is Aug. 3 from 5:55 to 8 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public. Wine and light refreshments will be provided.

For more information on the 5 x 5 Art Exhibition & Fundraiser contact Sarah Nobles at srh_nbls@yahoo.com or Cheyenne Kumbhare at ckumbhare@johnsoncitytn.org.