Buffalo Street Mural Project

The Johnson City Public Art Committee (JCPAC) is seeking qualifications from artists or art teams for the commission of a mural to be located at 116 Buffalo Street in downtown Johnson City.

This new mural project will focus on our community’s dynamic tradition of oral and written literature and their vivid, vernacular forms of storytelling. The project encourages artists to explore the intersection of word and image through engagement with local poetry. A diverse selection of poems, composed by three different modern and contemporary poets local to the region, are provided for inspiration (please see the Request for Qualifications for more info). Artists are free to work with any number of the poems that resonate with them. Visual responses to the poetic text do not need to be literal or illustrative. Artists are encouraged to borrow freely, even impressionistically, from the poems. Text may be incorporated into the composition, but this is not required. The Committee hopes that the resulting mural will resonate with the poetic legacy of our region, excite viewers’ imaginations, and foster pride in our community.

The submission period for this project has ended.