Future Mural Projects

“We’ll Always Be Together” – DAAS

New murals are coming to downtown Johnson City in 2020 and 2021!

Mural at Fountain Plaza (Intersection of Buffalo & Market Streets)

The theme for this mural project is “bounty”. Artist DAAS chose to convey this theme through images that express an appreciation of friendship, togetherness, memories of childhood, and love for the natural environment. The mural design depicts three children planting flowers; DAAS indicates that this is representative of children growing roots in the community in which they are raised, and no matter where they go later in life, they will always be together in spirit. The mural will be installed in October of 2020. View more examples of DAAS’ work at https://www.artist-daas.com/.

Breezeway Mural (Between E. Main Street & the Downtown Square parking lot)

The Johnson City Development Authority organized a call for artists for a Wagon Wheel-themed mural to be installed in the newly renovated breezeway between E. Main Street and the Downtown Square parking lot.  The selected design by artist Marci Berkhimer features the view of an agricultural landscape as seen from the dashboard of a vehicle entering Johnson City. A farm, a train, and mountain range provide a sense of the rural area on the outskirts of the city, and the vehicle dashboard includes elements that are unique to the area. The mural will be installed in October of 2020.

Mural on Commerce Street (Between Main & Market Streets)

The mural design for this space highlights our region’s Appalachian heritage, giving special attention to bluegrass music, quilting, and our mountainous landscape. The mural will cover both the upper and lower walls at 116 and 118 W. Main Street and will face S. Commerce Street. This project has been coordinated by the Public Art Committee and the Blue Plum Gives Back organization. Blue Plum Gives Back has been working to bring a music-themed art piece to downtown Johnson City in order to showcase the important role that regional music plays in our community. Artist Annie Hamel will install the mural in 2021. View Hamel’s previous work at https://www.anniehamel.com/.

Mural Restoration in Majestic Park

A Highway Runs Through It was installed by artist Bill Bledsoe in the mid-1990s in celebration of Johnson City’s 125th birthday. The mural theme highlights the unique attributes of the city, especially with regards to its role as a thriving metropolis in partnership with an established farming community. The mural has faded significantly in the past 25 years and is in need of restoration. Bledsoe plans to restore the mural during the fall of 2020.