Our Mission

Our Mission – To enhance the livability and creative identity of the community through arts-based engagement with the public.

The Public Art Committee is responsible for establishing policies of the public art program, setting goals, consulting with staff on an annual work plan, developing project ideas, overseeing the selection of artworks and their locations, securing funding, ensuring proper maintenance of the public art collection, and advocating for public art.

The Public Art Committee is comprised of citizens, artists, and design professionals (architects, landscape architects, curators, interior designers, urban planners or engineers) who live in Johnson City. Any citizen may apply to the committee. The City Commission appoints 14 members. 12 at-large and a representative from the Johnson City Arts Council and Johnson City Development Authority. Members serve 3-year terms on a staggered basis. The Public Art Committee also includes nonvoting city staff and other ex-officio members as needed.

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