Traffic Wraps – Phase IV

In December 2021, the fourth set of traffic box wraps were installed in eight locations in and around downtown Johnson City. Two of these locations include a smaller traffic control box positioned next to a larger box, and two of the selected artists designed artwork for both boxes at these intersections. These new bold, colorful designs are wonderful additions to the traffic wrap program.

The wraps can be found at the following intersections:

“Music is Life” – S. Roan St. and Maple St.
“Betta Fish” – N. Roan St. and Liberty Bell Blvd.
“Iris” – Buffalo St. and S. Roan St.
“The Chase” – University Pkwy. and Lamont St.
“Summer Sky” – John Exum Pkwy. and Delaware St.
“Over and Under Water Life” – W. Market St. and Pactolas Rd.
“Whitewater Fun” – University Pkwy. and W. State of Franklin Rd.
“Taco Time” – N. Roan St. and King St.