Traffic Wraps

The Johnson City Traffic Wrap Program seeks to beautify our city by incorporating art, color and creativity into the urban landscape.  Traffic control boxes sit on our street corners and sidewalks holding equipment that keeps the city running. You probably don’t think much about them as you drive around, but they offer a great opportunity to enhance the vitality and vibrancy of our community while showcasing the talent of artists all around us. This program transforms these mundane metal traffic control boxes into unique works of art using an easy to clean vinyl material that also deters vandalism. Wraps are inexpensive and durable, lasting five years or more. Successful traffic wrap programs have been implemented in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis. Click on the links below to learn more about each phase of Johnson City’s traffic wrap project.

Traffic Wrap Project Phases

Phase I
Phase II

Phase III
Phase IV

If you are interested in sponsoring a traffic wrap, please contact Cheyenne Kumbhare: Anyone can sponsor a box! Individuals, neighborhood groups, businesses and local civic and non-profit organizations are all encouraged to contribute.