North Roan Overpass Murals

The North Roan Overpass Murals brighten up this heavily trafficked roadway with a dazzling burst of color. A joyful palette of reds, blues, and greens greet passersby in an unexpected location and celebrate the many outdoor recreation opportunities available in the Johnson City area.

Spread across the four walls below the overpass, the designs feature native flora, fauna, and activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, and fishing. Each mural displays a dynamic scene: a ruby-throated hummingbird flies near a rhododendron blossom, a biker rides through the mountains in sight of a red fox, butterflies perch on vibrant flowers, and fish swim past a kayaker and an angler. The intended themes for the mural centered on a sense of movement, wellness, and the beauty of our natural surroundings, conveying the message that Johnson City residents and visitors alike are able to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles while enhancing their connection to the natural environment.

Artist Felipe Ortiz and assistants Mario Alvarez and Yeison Alvarez completed the murals in May 2022. The designs were modeled after the style used in Ortiz’s “Explosive Nature” series, in which he merges abstraction with realism to create a fresh interpretation of natural elements. Learn more about Ortiz and his work at