Children’s Banner Exhibition

The Children’s Banner Exhibition features K-4 artwork from 11 local schools. Individual student artists completed many of the selected artworks, and some were completed as a collaboration between two or more students. The designs draw on a wide variety of themes, ranging from play, animals, and nature to space, music, and abstract designs.

The following schools and art instructors participated in the project: Ashley Academy (Jackie Vaughn), Cherokee Elementary (Sherri Pugh), Fairmont Elementary (Lindsey Huff), Lake Ridge Elementary (Ann Ferenbach), Mountain View Elementary (Joanna Barnett), North Side Elementary (Westley Harris), Providence Academy (Jamie Burns), South Side Elementary (Monet LaClair), St. Mary’s Catholic School (Felicia Faniola-Gregory), University School (Kristin Colson), and Woodland Elementary (Jennifer Burgess).

Click on each artwork below to view student artist names.