Community Initiated Art

Tree Streets Installation: Street Mural Layout

Bring Your Idea to Life!

Do you have an idea for a temporary or permanent public art project? Johnson City Public Art encourages public projects that enhance the community and increase connections between artists, neighborhoods, and city residents.

The Public Art Committee can assist you in a variety of ways. As you develop your project proposal, we can offer feedback and suggestions to ensure you have a realistic timeline and sufficient budget as well as a plan for ongoing maintenance once the work is installed. We can help you navigate city codes and statutes so you are sure to be in compliance, and we can coordinate presentation of your proposal to our committee and the City Commission.

Community Initiated Art in the Tree Streets

Tree Streets Mural Team

Concerns about safety with increased road traffic in the Tree Streets inspired a local group of residents to seek ways to promote traffic mitigation.  Drawing inspiration from other cities like Seattle, Washington, the group developed a proposal for a street mural which helped to beautify the area and encourage safer driving.  Public Art Committee member and Tree Streets resident Vanessa Mayoraz helped the group prepare their proposal for review by the City Commission and the Public Art Committee. The proposal was approved in September of 2017 and the mural was later installed. Tree Streets residents maintain the mural with an annual restoration.

Funding a Mural Project

The Johnson City Public Art Committee has limited funding available to support community initiated art projects. To request funding for a mural project, fill out a mural funding request.

For more information, please contact Cheyenne Kumbhare: