Traffic Wraps – Phase II

The Johnson City Public Art Committee joined forces with the Boys & Girls Club of Johnson City to bring this second round of wraps to North Boone Street in front of the transit station. Under guidance from the committee and staff at the Boys & Girls Club, club members settled on a theme and developed designs for two new traffic wraps. They incorporated themes of pollination and safety into their designs, highlighting the the importance of our pollinators and the formation of the “pollination corridor” between downtown Johnson City and East Tennessee State University.

From Robin Crumley, president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Johnson City:

“Boys & Girls Club (BGC) had so much fun working with Sheri Earnhart and her team to create two designs for the traffic boxes in downtown Johnson City. The community helped to donate supplies and paper. BGC members, staff, intern and board members all came together throughout several months to make this happen. Activities included a review of traffic box layouts; to creative ideas in focus groups with the kids; to design work and artistry from club members, alumni and staff; to final City photography for the wraps.”

W. Market St. & N. Boone St. Intersection
On the front of this wrap, a bee in a hard hat sends a safety message. On the back, the sun smiles above a sea of flowers with blooms made from the hand prints of the children who participated in the project.
W. Main St. and N. Boone St. Intersection
Bears are unable to resist the honeycomb pictured on this wrap. Butterflies and bees hover in the air as one bear climbs a tree.