Traffic Wraps – Phase V

This round of wraps was installed in the summer of 2023. It includes eleven locations along N. Roan St. from E. Watauga Ave. to Bristol Hwy with one wrap located off N. Broadway St.

The wraps can be found at the following intersections:

Ashley Rang – N. Roan St. & Princeton Rd.
CJ Hungerman – N. Roan & E. Mountcastle Dr.
Emily Garcia – N. Roan St. & W. Springbrook Dr.
Ilena Finocchi – N. Roan St. & E. Unaka Ave.
Jessica Beaver – N. Roan St. & E. Watauga Ave.
Judy Lew Loose – N. Roan St. & Broyles Dr.
Nicole Renee Ryan – N. Roan St. & Canary St.
Rea Shaw – N. Roan St. & E. 8th Ave.
Rebecca Steele – Princeton Rd. & Broyles Dr.
Sarah Blackmon – N. Roan St. & Mockingbird Ln.
Sarah O’Leary – N. Roan St. & Bristol Hwy.
Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians – N. Broadway St. & E. Watauga Ave.