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Every piece of public art breathes a little more life into our streetscapes, parks, and the city as a whole. Public art often tells a story about the surrounding community, interpreting its values and hopes for future generations. It brings a sense of meaning into our public spaces and humanizes our built environment, infusing these areas with an air of originality. Through public art we may beautify, question, make a statement, explore universal themes, and gain a clearer image of ourselves and the things that impact us. In this way, public art brings cultural, social, and economic value to our community.

Public art has the power to enhance and transform a community, and you can help harness that power right here in Johnson City. By funding public art, your donation will help JCPA achieve its mission: To enhance the livability and creative identity of the community through arts-based engagement with the public.

Why does public art matter? Public art…

Strengthens economy

Builds a dynamic community

Enriches the physical environment

Creates public dialogue around universal themes

Enhances public health & well-being

Develops cultural identity

Drives creative industry

Fosters community pride

Enhances sense of safety in public spaces