Passion Flowers

This sculpture was commissioned to commemorate Johnson City’s 150th anniversary. In keeping with themes of native flora and fauna present in the park, artists Jeff Reed and Jennifer Madden chose to pay tribute to Tennessee’s state wildflower (the passion flower) in their design. These three passion flowers mimic the three stars in the Tennessee flag and light up King Commons at night with their 150 color changing LED filaments. A breeze will encourage the flower petals to rotate slightly, giving the illusion that the flowers are swaying gently in the wind.

The sculpture was installed in the center of the newly constructed Legacy Plaza in King Commons. While this area honors the history of Johnson City and its prominent historical figures, the sculpture was designed to represent the city’s future possibilities. This would result in the creation of a space that encourages reflection on the past while also prompting the viewer to look towards the future. The piece conveys a sense of growth, change, hope, happiness, and excitement for the future of the city.

Madden and Reed were commissioned to fabricate the piece in June of 2019, and they worked quickly to have the sculpture installed by the Sesquicentennial Celebration Grand Finale on December 1st, 2019. Find out more about the artist on the Permanent Art Gallery page or visit their website.