Commerce Street Mural Project

The application period for this project has closed.

Project Description:

The Johnson City Public Art Committee and Blue Plum Gives Back will commission a professional artist to paint a large scale mural that celebrates the city’s musical and artistic history by showcasing bluegrass musicians, bluegrass instruments, and quilts of particular patterns. The design should include elements reminiscent of the 1940s era as this is the period in which bluegrass music began to blossom. The mural site at 116 and 118 Main Street in downtown Johnson City faces Commerce Street and is located on the two walls that overlook a downtown parking area adjacent to the Founders Park Pavilion. Each year in June, a music and arts festival known as the Blue Plum Festival is held in the parking lot and surrounding areas, making this the ideal location for a bluegrass/Appalachian craft themed mural. The site lies between two downtown parks and two of the main downtown streets, and it is highly visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.