“Car Monsters” – Charles Pilkey

Painted steel, bronze
4’w x 7’h x 3’d

From the artist:

Car Monsters is a light-hearted work with dark intent, another in a series of sculptures that reflect the rapid environmental and social changes wrought by our technological civilization. Most see the automobile as a symbol of speed and power. But from the Earth’s perspective it is a monster, something wicked spawned from dark satanic mills, a shiny beast of steel and glass that devours entire ecosystems, killing and maiming billions of life forms every year.

Artist bio:

A geologist turned freelance artist, writer and illustrator … a river rat raised in the green hills of the Carolina piedmont … a wanderer whose life path serpentines through fifty plus countries … a sculptor whose works lie scattered as weeds are scattered across three continents.

Artist website: technozoicdreams.com