“Fracture” – Eric Stein

Fabricated steel
8’w x 15’h x 8’d

From the artist:

Fracture is a new work in my continued investigation and design of outdoor sculptures. In the piece, comprised of three units, I am illustrating an active growth or explosion. In a consideration of scale, the individual units are
seriously enlarged but were derived from the basic building block unit which are pixels. The individual pixels,
elements, are fabricated from square steel tubing. The square units, struck from the earth, vertically explode and
challenges the space around and above their own existence. I hope that the work ignites a visceral response from the viewer and offers them an opportunity to question and explore their own feelings. No personal response is more significant than any other. Taking a second look from many angles while circling the piece offers a kinetic experience.

Artist bio:

Eric Stein currently designs and fabricates his sculptures in his New York studio in Huguenot, NY. His education in the fine arts started in college, first while attending and graduating with his BA from the State University of New York at Fredonia. He also studied at Siena University in Siena, Italy. After returning from Italy and completing his bachelors degree, he continued on to graduate school at Ohio University and received his MFA. He has major works installed around the country including at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Buffalo Creek Art Center & Sculpture Park and in private collections. He has exhibited in a number of outdoor sculpture exhibitions as well as in museums or galleries. He continues to work on new investigations and designs today.

Artist website: ericsteinstudio.com