“Keep It Together” – Ben Pierce

Steel, treated lumber, hardi-plank siding, paint, shingles
7.5’h x 8’w x 3’d

From the artist:

“Keep it together” is a sculpture that tells a few stories about my own family history.

My great grandfather was sent to prison for bootlegging where he was taught how to lay bricks. Upon release he began doing this as a career, and my grandfather began to work for him too. As my great grandfather retired my grandfather took over and my father began to work for him. Eventually, my father took over and I did work for him for a short time. However, my father encouraged me to find my own path. Being a bricklayer kept income flowing and kept our house together – so to speak.

The other statement this sculpture makes is in regard to the changing of fashions and tastes over time. People will clad over brick homes with less permanent materials that will need upkeep like painting or replaced completely. Bricks are resilient and long lasting and will often outlast other materials.

Artist Bio:

Ben Pierce lives and works in rural Southeast Missouri, where he was born and raised. The son of a brick layer, Pierce learned traditional values, honesty, and how to work with his hands. Pierce served four years in the US Navy, a place that reinforced the idea of sacrifice and dedication. Graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Pierce found a direction to focus his skills as a sculptor, creator, and artist.

My work has always been inspired by architecture, and recently I have found a profound importance in the natural world. Namely, plants and the way they grow and react to sunlight. There is so much inspiration and beauty in nature. Using this inspiration has added a fluidity to my artwork and a softness that I am really excited about exploring. The theme of a circle is a recurring subject in my work. As a symbol it can mean infinity- no beginning or end, as a wedding ring- a symbol of eternal love. Circles can also enclose/frame space- this fascinates me.

Artist website: https://benpiercesculpture.com/