“Flappers” – Ruth Aizuss Migdal

Stainless steel
12’9″w x 12’3″h x 6’d

From the artist:

Trained as a painter, by 1971 I became a sculptor exploring the human torso. I worked with clay from 1971 to 1990.

After a workshop in mold making at an International Sculpture Conference In Washington, DC in 1990, I switched to bronze. I concentrate on exploring the female torso in its many complexities. I continue to use bronze because of its permanence and flexibility. The sculptures vary in size and scale from larger than life to breast paper weights as small as three inches in diameter.

The Public Sculpture with which I am now deeply involved continued to explore the female torso in a larger than life scale. Fabricated in steel, they are celebrations expressed in dance and painted a vivid red.

Artist website: https://ruthssculpture.com/
Facebook: Ruth Aizuss Migdal Studio