Peter Los

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Seasoning Tree (2021)
Paint sticks and markers
30″ x 57″

From the artist:
I created my banner with paint sticks, markers, and one sticker for the cardinal’s eye. For my inspiration, I remembered artwork I have seen about “To everything there is a season.” I chose one animal for each season: a howling wolf for winter, a shy hedgehog for fall, a munching squirrel for summer, a doe for spring, and my favorite year-round bird, the cardinal, to wrap it up. I love climbing the trees in my yard, and noticing how they change from blooming buds, to lush leaves, to golden leaves, to icicles. In my artwork, you can see both the moon and stars, and the sun and clouds, at the same time! When people see my banner, I hope they think about our amazing world that we care about so much.