“We’ll Always Be Together” – Daas


Following a national call for artists, artist Daas was selected from more than 150 applicants for the commission of his mural “We’ll Always Be Together”. His work began in the fall of 2020 when he began painting a wall adjacent to Fountain Square Plaza (at the intersection of Buffalo and Market Streets) in downtown Johnson City.

The theme for the mural project was “bounty”. Daas chose to convey this theme through images that express an appreciation of friendship, togetherness, memories of childhood, and love for the natural environment. The mural design depicts three children planting flowers; Daas indicates that this is representative of children growing roots in the community in which they are raised, and no matter where they go later in life, they will always be together in spirit. The mural has also been interpreted as a message of hope, with the three children planting the seeds for a future rich in diversity and racial equality.

Daas is an internationally acclaimed artist; he has completed murals all across the United States and abroad, with a special focus in Japan, China, and other parts of Asia. Daas lived in Osaka, Japan while working as an artist for Universal Studios, and his experience of the arts and culture in this region had a significant impact on his creative approach, leading to the progression towards his own unique style. After returning to the United States, Daas has focused primarily on large scale mural art, and the majority of his work has revolved around public art commissions. He is currently based in Austin, Texas.

Learn more about Daas and view more examples of his work at https://www.artist-daas.com/.