Wildabout Walkabout Scavenger Hunt Answers Only


For exact locations, search for animals on the Public Art Map

  1. SNAIL – at the Johnson City Public Library on the brick landscaping wall to the left of the front steps
  2. TAPIR FOSSIL – on the side of a large rock at the back of the natural adventure area (playground) in front of Johnson City Public Library
  3. COYOTE PRINTS – on top of a boulder across the sidewalk from the “Wildabout” mural in King Commons
  4. BUMBLEBEE – on the tiered section of the “Wildabout” mural wall (upper left) in King Commons
  5. BEAVER – in the concrete spillway about halfway between where it begins on the Commerce Street side of King Commons and the creek
  6. BLACK BEAR – at the bottom of the brick base on the Johnson City landmark sign at King Commons
  7. CICADA – high up on the brick wall in the covered entrance area to Atelier 133 on Commerce Street (left side)
  8. OWL – to the right of the door on London’s building on Market Street (to right of Trek Bicycle Store)
  9. FIREFLY – above the door to the right of West Main Antiques on W. Main Street (below a circular windowpane)
  10. GREAT BLUE HERON – above the middle archway on the eastern side of the Pavilion at Founders Park
  11. RACCOON – on a concrete ledge by the corner of a bridge in Founders Park (the bridge closest to Yee Haw Brewing Company)
  12. MALLARD DUCK – at the bottom of the stairs in the central part of Founders Park next to the railing by the creek
  13. GARTER SNAKE – by a bench next to the creek (near the Rotary bridge on the Great Lawn side)
  14. SPRING PEEPER – on the west end of Founders Park in the creek just outside the culvert (close to Commerce Street)
  15. EASTERN CHIPMUNK – on a tree on the perimeter of the “Flag Park” plaza area on Buffalo Street (across the street from the Red Meze restaurant)
  16. COTTONTAIL RABBIT – on the wall of a landscaping bed by the walkway that runs beside the Red Meze restaurant
  17. RED FOX – to the right of the door at Herndon, Coleman, Brading, & McKee LLP law office on Main Street
  18. LADYBUG – on the wall of a landscaping bed at Fountain Place on Buffalo Street (below the mural featuring three children planting flowers)
  19. MONARCH BUTTERFLY – inside the window at Johnson City Aerial Photography on Market Street (to the right on the brick wall)
  20. BROOK TROUT – inside the window at C.S. McCullough’s on Main Street (on the wall to the left)
  21. TURTLE – in the covered walkway area that runs from Spring Street to the Downtown Square Parking Lot (near the back of The Black Olive restaurant)
  22. SPIDER – in the open breezeway that runs between Main Street and the Downtown Square Parking Lot (high up on the wall on the end closest to the Downtown Square Parking Lot)
  23. SKUNK – by the wall near the entrance to Cakebuds Bakery and Ice Cream Shop
  24. OSPREY – on the wall to the right of the entrance to Dos Gatos Coffee Bar (Main Street side)
  25. MOURNING DOVE – on the wall to the right of the mural in Majestic Park (on the old Kress building, Main Street side)
  26. ROCK BASS – on the brick wall directly to the left of the Artisans’ Village on Main Street
  27. OPOSSUM – inside the front window of Little Animals Brewery on Main Street
  28. CRAWFISH – on the wall of the Select Seven Credit Union facing towards Colonial Way