Fall Winter

Steel, paint
10′ x 6′ x 6′

From the artist:

This abstract painted steel sculpture depicts fall, winter and the landscape. I like the contrast between the four seasons. The seasons remind me of the constant growth and rebirth on the planet. The circular form can be interpreted as the sun rising or setting. The horizontal and diagonal forms represent the mountains, horizon and clouds. Landscapes in art are usually depicted in paintings, drawings and photographs. I found creating the landscape in a three-dimensional format a challenge and a way to express my feelings about nature. It expresses the cycle of life, growth and continuum. The interplay of shape, form, space and colors. These elements are seen in a variety of forms shapes and colors as they occur in nature. Although this sculpture is painted specific colors it changes depending on the time of day and season. It also changes as you move around the sculpture and its relation to the landscape. Between nature and the sculpture, I am condensing time and space. They are ever changing.

Artist website: http://hannajubran.com/home.html