“Chimertrol” – Jennifer Cannon

Polished aluminum, brass
4’w x 6’h x 3’d

From the artist:

Chimertrol is part of a series that concerns mankind’s attempt to control our world and what we can
actually regulate. While we might want to dominate all that happens, life and nature (represented by
the twisting rods) change erratically, only occasionally being restrained by mechanisms contrived by
humans. Chimertrol was awarded Best of Show II in the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk in 2018. It has also
been displayed in Mankato, WI; Hutchinson, KS and Baytown, TX.

Artist bio:

Jennifer Cannon is a Bay Area artist who earned her MFA from San Jose State
University. She is best known for her outdoor public artwork of polished
aluminum and brass which speak to our ability, or inability, to exert control.
Some of her permanent public work can be seen in Imperial Beach, CA:
Durango, CO; Sioux Falls, SD and Lampasas, TX.

Cannon was inspired to become a sculptor when as a small child, she watched
her father work on farm machinery, and was attracted to the ingenuity and grit
of transforming raw materials into something imagined. She uses a combination
of inventiveness, perseverance, and dedication to craftsmanship to create each
uniquely fabricated artwork. These artistic qualities are also evident in Cannon’s
gallery work, where she incorporates a wide range of materials to express
themes of control on a more intimate scale.

Artist website: jcsculpture.com