“Asteray” – Nicole Beck

Stainless steel, mosaic, powder coated steel
5.5’w x 17’h x 5.5’d

From the artist:

This work has both botanical & astronomical references as the wildflower Three-Flowered Avens, one of the first native plants to bloom in the Spring, it is commonly known as Prairie Smoke for the long, wispy red tendrils that comprise its flowers. Asteray is also seen as an asteroid falling to Earth. Children see it as a squid or blowing hair!

Artist bio:

Nicole Beck is a professional working artist who fabricates sculpture in her studio, has worked for
many years with young apprentice artists on collaborative public art projects as a Lead Artist, and
has an extensive show record. Beck has installed site-specific public art commissions that are the
result of intensive research and collaborative input from invested stakeholders. Nicole has won
numerous awards and has attended many artists residencies, creating a web of support nationwide.
Beck’s work has evolved over the years thanks to a background in the sciences to incorporate the concepts
and applications of physics and the natural sciences. Botanical sciences, optics and astronomy are frequent
themes. In 2004, Beck co-created Chicago Sculpture International with a tight group of professional
sculptors and thus was born a thriving satellite organization of the International Sculpture Center.
Nicole’s work has evolved to include large-scale public sculptures that have incorporated a variety of
media, deftly moving across mediums to apply whatever best materializes the concept.

Artist website: nicolebeck.com