“Blue Moon” – Richard Pitts

Powder coated aluminum
2’w x 8’h x 2.5’d

From the artist:

Art is a way finder for the spirit. It informs and creates a place where the imagination gathers the past, present and the future in one place. For me, art is a language that comes down from the beginning of time to the present. It encapsulates, encodes, and decodes the highest qualities of our culture. To experience art in our environment is the poetic access to that which is most important. (Sculpture transforms a place and creates a new space). It enriches our personal narrative, the tools for creative visualization. It is this which determines the quality of our present and our future.

My body of work shows a series of sculptures and paintings that are ever creating a moving dialogue with the environment. Certain outdoor sculptures define a space around themselves and make a place important, in turn this sense of place makes the sculpture important. It is this dialogue of identity that challenges my involvement in sculpture.

Artist bio:

Richard Pitts was born in Fort Monmouth, NJ to a military family. They traveled throughout the United States later settling in Clifton, NJ. After graduating Clifton High School, Richard attended Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, and there he met the Painter/ Sculptor Reuben Kadish. In 1960 he moved to New York City, set up a studio, and in 1961 attended Pratt Institute where he met his second mentor, painter Ernie Briggs. Both Kadish and Briggs remained lasting friends and inspirations. In the late 1980s Richard was chairman of the board of artists at the Artist Choice Museum in SOHO.

After a tour in the US Army and graduating Pratt Institute, Richard taught at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology and attended New York Studio School in Paris. Richard has his studio in rural PA and continues to exhibit his paintings and sculpture nation wide. He retired from the fine arts dept. of Fashion Institute of Tech. as a full professor. Richard was President of NOHO/M55 Gallery in Chelsea, NY, one of the oldest Artist Run Galleries in NYC. He is also founder of Urban Studio Unbound which is a four time grant recipient from the City of Yonkers, NY where his contemporaries run a gallery and public art program. Richard is represented by AMArt House, Bantam Ct.

Artist website: richardpitts.com