“Solution” – Adam Walls

Painted steel
68″w x 65″h x 132″d

From the artist:

This sculpture takes the form of an unusual fantasy vehicle to promote the concept that the solution that it offers may only be one of fantasy, though it could become reality. This sculpture receives its title as it offers a unique seating opportunity for two people who would be forced to face each other on uneven ground. Both participants are at a slant with one higher than the other much as how in many conflicts it seems that one person feels they have the high-ground or the advantage over the other. The proximity between the participants is so tight that it encourages the conflict. While this may sound like an exacerbation of turmoil, as do feel that confrontation is the best solution to most problems.

Artist bio:

Adam Walls has been creating art for public exhibition since 2004. He received his BA in Art Education in 1996 from Limestone College and taught art in art centers, public schools, and out of his own studio until receiving his MFA in sculpture from Winthrop University in 2005. Since receiving his MFA Adam’s work has appeared in Sculpture Magazine, been the topic of discussion on NPR and ETV, and has been exhibited in over one hundred outdoor sculpture exhibitions. Adam Walls currently resides in Tryon, NC and serves as the head of the sculpture program at UNC-Pembroke.

Artist website: adamwallssculpture.com