“Wave” – Martha Markline Hopkins

Aluminum, iron, paint
4’1″h x 7’1″w x 4’10″d

From the artist:

“Wave” is composed of painted bent aluminum tubing on a steel base.

A wave symbolizes death as it crashes to the shore, and as it recedes to the sea, indicates new life and unity of all humankind.

Artist bio:

I earned a BA in Spanish and Business from University of Southern Mississippi in 1961, a BA in Art from University of Montevallo in 1982, andI a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Alabama in 2004. I started painting seriously in 2004, and my concerns in painting are the same as they were in sculpture. I start with a minimal look, and then tweak it to provide expression. Rothko and Anish Kapoor have influenced my work. I am using color as expression. Many of my canvases are 3D; I like to respond to an actual shape (other than a flat canvas) with paint. My earlier works are sculptures, although I continue to be interested in making models for monumental sculptures. Click on older dates under Archives to access the images. They include “Red Tide,” a monumental sculpture on the campus of UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Birmingham, AL.

Artist website: http://mahopkins.blogspot.com/
Facebook: Hopkins Art. Martha Hopkins