“Intestinal Fortitude” – Mike Hansel

Stainless steel
15’h x 14’w x 6’d

From the Artist:

This arching tubular structure reaches in multiple directions while implying an organic quality of motion. The viewer can follow the method of construction as there is no attempt to disguise or hide the process. This sculpture is the result of an experiment dealing with the idea of contradicting the characteristics of steel. The organic form has its origin in drawings made of saltwater coral formations. The title points out the contradiction between its soft, bulging appearance and its actual surface made of rigid steel. It also metaphorically speaks to the idea of having inner strength that can’t be seen on the surface.

Artist Bio:

Sculptor and educator Mike Hansel, has been actively producing contemporary artwork for 40 years. Living most of his life in New England, he currently resides in Middletown, RI. His sculptures reside in many private collections, and he has installed numerous large-scale public sculptures on museum grounds and college campus sites across the country. His work is known for his ability to create highly crafted objects, referencing organic forms that contradict what is expected from industrial materials. Hansel welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with design professionals to create artwork that is meaningful and visually intriguing while also maintaining a high standard of aesthetics.

Living and working in Rhode Island, the influence of the ocean can be quite profound. The exposure to the beaches, boats, and fishing industry of this state, coupled with extensive training in the visual arts has led to an interest in the weightless, buoyant quality of marine life. Mike Hansel’s sculptures eventually became freestanding objects that were unencumbered by any static elements. Supporting systems have been used to imply movement and therefore make reference to the liberated and spontaneous nature of organic life.

Artist Website: https://mikehansel.com