Mild steel, stainless steel

From the artist:

Aquarium is a large steel outdoor sculpture that hopefully leads the viewer to contemplate what is presented before them. Just above eye level there is a very abstract aquarium that is tilted and leaning on one of its bottom corners. There is a large fish still alive in the aquarium even though most of the water has spilled out onto the base below. Looking at the base of the piece there is a dead fish lying against the sculpture stand. At the very top of the 12.5-foot tall sculpture is another fish. This fish is demonstrably different than the other two. It is made of shiny stainless steel and has sprouted a large set of wings. It appears to be taking flight.

Aquarium presents the viewer with different phases of life. We can all identify with the fish in the aquarium – it is alive. Experiencing life, and especially having had friends and loved ones die, we can certainly identify with the fish on the bottom –it is dead. This leaves the fish on top. This fish represents a leap of faith, the hope of a life hereafter, a belief held by the vast majority of people across the earth.