“Fractured Memories” – Adam Rathbun

Steel with industrial coating
7′ x 4′ x 4′

From the Artist:

If I tell you what I see, will you see the same? No one sees the same; no understanding is the same. If meaning exists inside a work, we extract only a part. Two parts can be different—and both of them true. Visual information shows us these truth-parts: edges of steel welded together in hard and soft edges, forming objects that shift and disintegrate as you move around the sculpture. It is a metamorphism of shape, color and reflecting light. Modular surface and form assemble and reassemble in the viewer’s mind. It is sculpture you carry with you.

Artist Bio:

Adam Rathbun is a fabricator and artist. He holds a BFA in painting from DePauw University and an MFA in sculpture from Herron School of Art and Design. His work is informed by the conflicting upbringing of blue collar steel workers and individuals of higher education. The differing opinions of these two groups caused great turmoil when understanding where he belonged. This conflict pushed him to search for a form that spoke to both groups and created common grounds for visual understanding. Through his use of common materials with a widely understood use and complex forms there is something for everyone in his work

Artist Website: https://www.adamrathbunart.com/.