“Tree Colony” – Rick Herzog

Steel, cast resin
7’h x 5’w x 5’d

From the artist:

Tree Colony is a sculpture depicting a personal fantasy of mine while at the same time highlighting the similarities between us humans and other species living on Earth. I have always dreamt of living in the trees, not so far from what one would think a 10-year-old boy’s dream is who climbs trees and builds make-shift places to sit in them. A whole community surviving in the tree canopy, swaying with the wind, seeing the rain come from a distance and looking up at the star at night – a kind of peaceful, dream-like paradise. While Tree Colony may start to give an insight into my boyhood dreams it also conflates this idea with an examination of the natural world we live in. We are not so removed from the other creatures, where we all rely on our nature world to survive, from providing shelter to food. Tree Colony can be seen as a harmonious example of living with and in nature.

Artist bio:

Richard Herzog has created outdoor sculptures and installations professionally for more than 20 years. His works have been included in exhibitions throughout the US included New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and internationally in more than 100 group, solo and outdoor exhibitions. For the past few years his focus has been on public art and outdoor sculpture creating works that bring awareness to our surrounding environment using manufactured materials that bridge the gap of man-made and natural. These works have explored a variety of themes some as grand as climate change while others a mundane as storm damage to our forests and everywhere in between. His works have been cited in Sculpture Magazine as being “electrified …by day” and The Chicago Sun Times as “representing the grit and grace of the contemporary south”, Herzog creates works that bridge the absurd and beautiful while highlighting man’s disconnection form the environment in which we live.

Artist website: http://www.rickherzog.com/
Instagram: @herzog_sculptor