“Enigma” – Charles Pilkey

Painted steel, bronze
9’h x 4’w x 4’d

From the artist:

Enigma…a strange architectural construct shaped like a cube balanced on one of its vertices with people walking, standing and sitting on different sides in apparent defiance of the laws of gravity. A few days before I installed Enigma a crazed driver in West Virginia attacked the sculpture with a shotgun. I decided to leave the blast texture intact to add a new layer of mystery. After all…everyone loves an enigma.

Artist bio:

Charles Pilkey is a former geologist turned freelance artist, illustrator and writer. He lived in western Japan for 14 years where he taught stone carving classes at Kyushu Sangyo University. His sculptures lie scattered as weeds are scattered in parks, campuses and other public spaces in Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Italy and in the US. He currently lives in Mint Hill, NC with his wife and four cats.

Artist website: http://www.technozoicdreams.com/