Hybridized Daylily

Granite, stainless steel

From the artist:

My oldest child is a part time daylily hybridizer. His work is starting to get the attention of some well-established individuals in that field. Similarly, my wife is an avid gardener and loves the daylilies our son is creating. Hybridized Daylily started out as a granite flower for my wife. As I worked on this piece it occurred to me that a lot of what I do as a sculptor is a kind of hybridization of various types of granite. This, combining the ideas of a flower for my wife who loves gardening the hybridizing that my son does, and the granite work that I do, this piece has inadvertently become
a kind of unintended familial work.

Artist Bio:

Shawn Morin is the Sculpture Program Head at Bowling Green State University in Northwest, Ohio. Currently in his 27th year at BGSU, he has served as Chair of Three-Dimensional Studies, Graduate Coordinator, and Assistant Director in the School of Art. His work his exhibited throughout North America and has found permanent homes in more than 20 public collections and 35 private collections. Working primarily in bronze, stone, steel, stainless steel, glass, and wood, his current projects include large-scale sculpture for both public and private venues and clients.