“Column A, Column B (Column You, Column Me)” – Shawn Morin

Marble, granite, steel, stainless steel
Column A: 77″ x 24″ x 12″
Column B: 65″ x 27″ x 11″

This artwork is donated for permanent exhibit by Nancy Fischman and Belinda Kiener.

From the Artist:

This work investigates the interactions between two people. I am thinking about married couples, friends, lovers, or even enemies. Each of these relationships may well carry with them a multitude of communicative advantageous, or disadvantageous, such as control, deception, manipulation and more. On the other hand, the work may also take on more positive subjects. As one can imagine, there is of course, more positive interactions that we can all so assume. These may include love, joy, peace kindness gentleness and self-control.

Artist Bio:

Shawn Morin is the Sculpture Program Head at Bowling Green State University in Northwest, Ohio. Currently in his 27th year at BGSU, he has served as Chair of Three-Dimensional Studies, Graduate Coordinator, and Assistant Director in the School of Art. His work his exhibited throughout North America and has found permanent homes in more than 20 public collections and 35 private collections. Working primarily in bronze, stone, steel, stainless steel, glass, and wood, his current projects include large-scale sculpture for both public and private venues and clients.